FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Tigeress fits 30 passengers. Tiger 3 & 4 fit up to 43 passengers

Tigeress has 2 toilets/bathroom on board. Tiger 3 & 4 has 2 toilets on board

Yes you can, it’s all BYO. We have a large eskies on board both boats. It is BYO ice, 3-6 bags per esky is substantial.

There is a large cover over the top of the boat that protects customers; we only cancel if it is unsafe for charting. We will call on the morning of the charter if we have to cancel

We have had hundreds/thousands of people on board our boats and very few people get seasick. If you are worried take seasick tablets prior to boarding.

We have Barbeques on both boats, and small kitchens for food preparation. Your skipper is available to cook the BBQ  for you and your guests

All reservations must be made through our online booking platform. Payment options include credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

To confirm your reservation until full payment is due two weeks before the cruise date, a 25% holding deposit is required.

Tiger Catamarans know many great harbour beaches we will find the most appropriate and safe beach to swim at, considering weather and conditions. We will probably go for a swim as well!

All our Catamarans are equipped with top-notch Fusion Sound Systems. You can simply bring your phone, iPod, or computer and connect them using the AUX cable for a fantastic audio experience. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity is available on board for your convenience. To ensure you stay connected throughout your journey, we also provide phone chargers on the boat in case your mobile device’s battery runs low.

  1. Yes all boats are in Commercial Survey. This means the boat is equipped with the appropriate number of life jackets, and safety equipment.
  2. Your Safety is out main priority.

Yes our boats are safe for all ages. We have life jackets for Kids

You can nominate a certain type of cruise of destination prior to boarding. A usual cruise is picking up at any wharf, cruise for an hour sightseeing etc, and then anchoring up at a great beach on the harbour for a swim and Barbeque. The last two/to three hours involves cruising around or checking out another spot on the harbour. The choice is yours.

Yes, feel free to bring extra people on the boat, to serve drinks etc.

If we have time to get the food and drinks on board prior to the charter, yes you can. Best contact us to organise this prior to the charter.

We generally have all the plates/cutlery and glasses on board, (plastic). If you want to bring you own that is okay. Contact us prior to your cruise, to organise this.