Terms & Conditions


  1. Tiger Catamarans require a 25% deposit to secure the boat and date for any charter. This will assure you have the boat for your special day. 75% remainder payment will be required 14 days out from the charter date.
  2. Tiger Catamarans will only postpone charters due to dangerous weather conditions.
  3. A 7 day holding bond of $1000 will be taken in the event of damage done to either Catamaran.

We are currently still able to operate as normal and render our services, therefore reschedules or cancellations aren’t permitted unless a government ordered lockdown is in place and we can no longer provide the charter service.

If government issued (Pathology or Service NSW) proof that over 50% of charter guests can’t attend due to COVID positive results we will offer a 50% reschedule fee. If over 50% of the charter is still able to attend and is unaffected by COVID full charter fee applies and the charter will go ahead.


  1. Tiger Catamarans have the right to refuse a passenger to board a vessel if the Captain and crew believes that guest/guests are affected by alcohol or drugs.
  2. Tiger Catamarans practise the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). Substantial food is to be brought on each charter whilst BYO alcohol is on board. If the operator believes the charterers are becoming too intoxicated the skipper/operator has the right to limit the consumption of alcohol and or terminate the charter. Drinking unmixed spirits and overpoured drinks isn’t allowed.
  3. If unruly behaviour and excess noise occurs or charterer’s actions become unsafe whilst on the water, Tiger Catamarans have the right to have them ejected from the boat or the charter cancelled. This included any passenger vomiting due to being intoxicated. There will be an additional fee charged for cleaning of the vessel shall someone vomit whilst on charter.
  4. Tiger Catamarans have the right to cancel any charter early or terminate any person/s on the Catamaran to the nearest wharf on the suspicion of illegal drugs being bought or used on board. Water Police will be invited to board the boat as well in these circumstances.
  5. In all circumstances Tiger Catamarans want guests to have a great time on the harbour, and by abiding by these terms and conditions we will assure safety whilst cruising on the harbour.

Damage to Boats.

  1. In the event of damage to the boat the organiser of the charter will be responsible for payment of the damage. This will be taken out of their bond.
  2. Blockage of the toilet due to tampons, food, and or foreign articles will be the responsibility of the organiser/charterers and incurs a $300 fee for fixing.
  3. Excess cleaning required at the end of a charter will incur an extra fee of $200. Food fights, Champagne fights and Vomit are not normal cleaning expenses. This will incur a fee an inspection of the boat will be conducted prior to the end of the charter.
  4. Tiger Catamarans are not responsible for damage to personal property or loss of phones/cameras overboard whilst on charter.
  5. In event of injury to customers on the boat, Skippers/Operators will assess their injury and take appropriate action from there. All skippers are Senior First Aid Officers and will contact the relevant emergencies services in the event of an emergency, or issue on board.